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We have often heard the term 'obligate carnivore' in reference to felines.  Obligate means necessary for survival.  Your feline companion needs meat to survive.  Not peas, not corn but meat and not plant based protein.  Felines have trouble digesting carbohydrates and if you want excellent health and longevity for your feline...feed it what nature intended.  We encourage every kitty parent to use raw food.  Whether you prefer to grind it yourself or whether you thaw and feed, beef and poultry products which are uncooked will keep your feline in optimal condition.  That means excellent weight, coat condition with reduced dandruff and excellent behavior.  Cats who eat less carbs also are less likely to get ulcers and other ailments such as, but not limited to, diabetes, renal and occular disease.

Style Purrpetrator is a raw food co-operative, providing premium quality raw to our clients.  Please ask us if you would like to try raw meat for your babies.  

One of the favored brands is Blue Ridge Beef, sourced by BestofBreedLLC.com in Chantilly Virginia.  Give John a call.

Details regarding content and pricing is provided on request.  It is a very reasonably priced, relative easy method of feeding and one that meets the required nutritional content for your feline. 

Raw feeding may seem like a challenge, yet there are stress free, ready made options for busy professionals such as you and I.  Raw meats we utilize contain taurine..which is important for heart health and calcium from ground bone.  

There are terrific supplements available on the market, yet it seems a challenge to find one that will fulfill the nutritional need as well as the desire to consume.  One great product we recommend is the Kitty Bloom VM900+3 line of vitamins and supplements for cats.  

If you are planning on feeding a dry food, our preference is food that has had few or no recalls and has pro and prebiotics in the list of ingredients, as well as in the guaranteed analysis.  While the 'Ingredient List' provides the contents of a recipe, 'Guaranteed Analysis' provides a guarantee that the ingredient listed is actually present in the food, at the time the bag  is opened for serving. This is why we would like to discuss nutrition with you and provide you the best possible options for your companion.  Try Pet Barn in Annapolis.  Not only is the selection of the highest quality, but staff is very knowledgeable and can really guide you in the best product for your feline.

Size matters!  The smaller the kibble and the lower the carb content, the less plaque will form on the teeth.  Cats were not designed to chew or grind kibble, contrary to popular belief.  Cats tear and gulp their food.  

Canned foods tend to have preservatives.  There are additives such as carrageenan which, while derived from plant material, has been shown to cause intestinal inflammation.  BPA's have been linked to carcinogenesis.  There are companies that do not utilize these items in the manufacturing process.  Look and ask before purchasing.

While food companies claim that they are grain free, the food may not be low in carbohydrate content.  Peas, carrots, corn, potato, sweet potato and tapioca flour all increase the content of carbohydrate in the food which can lead to obesity, diabetes and subsequent organ failure.  As with diabetic humans, cats also suffer from diabetes and kidney failure.  As foods can be reformulated from time to time, we encourage for you to stay vigilant and research and inquire as to the content of the food and avoid corn, wheat, soy (plant protein) and gluten based diets as they will cause loose stools in cats.  For a list of corn based or higher carb diets we have found unacceptable for use, please feel free to contact us.  For further research, please feel free to read an article on Feline Diabetes by Lisa A Pierson, DVM.  She provides further education with respect to Prescription/Therapeutic diets.

To compare foods prescribed for diabetic felines: https://www.youngagainpetfood.com/assets/diabetic-cat-food-comparison-chart.pdf

To compare foods that are prescribed to treat UTI in felines: https://www.youngagainpetfood.com/assets/urinary-cat-food-comparison.pdf

To compare prescription formulas: https://www.youngagainpetfood.com/assets/yacfc-rx-diet-chart.pdf

To compare weight loss formulas: https://www.youngagainpetfood.com/assets/weight-loss-cat-food-comparison.pdf

How to feed.  We are so used to feeding our animals twice a day.  Once in the morning and once at night.  Cats are grazers and they should be 'free fed'.  Most will nibble throughout the day, as they need.  With a properly formulated diet, more protein and fat, means a more full tummy.  We are happy to discuss your cat's nutritional needs so please feel free to ask.

Food for thought!  

Most of the products that address feline nutrition are marketed toward the human decision making process, and emotions.  Cats have been known to eat that which they require to nutritionally sustain themselves.  So as you decide on the best food for your furkids, keep in mind, it is not the food you would select for yourself.


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